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Newfoundland Repeaters

145.09+0.6 MHzSt. John's, Kenmount HillFusion2mVO1TZ
145.5-0.6 MHz114.8St Johns, Shea heights2mVO1XMT
145.950 MHzSt. John's, By Newfoundland DriveFM EchoLink2mVO1UM
146.34+0.6 MHzGoose BayFM2mVO2GB
146.6-0.6 MHzGrand-Falls Windsor, Hodges HillFM IRLP2mVO1HHR
146.64-0.6 MHzBirchy LakeFM EchoLink2mVO1BLR
146.64-0.6 MHzPlacentiaFM2mVO1AWS
146.64-0.6 MHzPortugal CoveFM EchoLink2mVO1ICE
146.66-0.6 MHzShoal Harbour, Shoal Harbour HillFM2mVO1SHR
146.7-0.6 MHzTerra Nova Park, Ochre HillFM2mVO1TNP
146.73-0.6 MHzNAC F7F 94.8 / 94.8Coley's South PointFM P-252mVO1IC
146.76-0.6 MHzGrand Falls-Windsor, Water towerFM2mVO1JY
146.76-0.6 MHzHolyrood, Hawke HillFM2mVO1BT
146.76-0.6 MHzLabrador City, Round HillFM2mVO2LMC
146.82-0.6 MHzArgentiaFM EchoLink2mVO1ARG
146.85-0.6 MHzMarystownFM IRLP2mVO1MST
146.88-0.6 MHzGanderFM2mVO1ADE
146.88-0.6 MHzMount Pearl, Merchant DriveFM IRLP2mVO1CGR
146.91-0.6 MHzGrand Falls, Red CliffFM EchoLink2mVO1GFR
146.94-0.6 MHzLabrador City, Emeril MountainFM2mVO2KG
146.94-0.6 MHzSt. John's, Kenmount Hill (CBC Site)FM EchoLink2mVO1GT
146.97-0.6 MHzHeart's Content, Dog HillsFM Fusion2mVO1TCR
147-0.6 MHzTorbayFM2mVO1ZA
147.01+0.6 MHzJersey SideFM2mVO1PFR
147.03+0.6 MHzPortugal Cove SouthFM2mVO1ILR
147.06-0.6 MHzSt. John's, NTV/OZFM Tower Shea HeightsFM2mVO1NTV
147.12+0.6 MHzCape PineFM2mVO1CPR
147.18+0.6 MHzGanderFM2mVO1GLR
147.19+0.6 MHzSt. LawrenceFM2mVO1AIR
147.22+0.6 MHzMarystownFM2mVO1AWR
147.28+0.6 MHzFerrylandFM2mVO1CQD
147.28+0.6 MHzRameaFM2mVO1RIR
147.3+0.6 MHzBay De VerdeFM Fusion2mVO1TBR
147.32+0.6 MHzLewisporteFM EchoLink2mVO1LJR
147.345+0.6 MHz100.0 / 100.0St. John's, Miller CentreFM2mVO1RCR
147.36+0.6 MHzCorner BrookFM2mVO1MO
147.36+0.6 MHzDunvilleFM Fusion2mVO1ELF
147.36+0.6 MHzLewisportFusion2mVO1LPT
147.375+0.6 MHzGrand BankFM2mVO1GBR
147.375+0.6 MHzSt. John'sFM2mVO1GRR
147.385+0.6 MHzBotwoodFM2mVO1BOT
147.39+0.6 MHzCarbonear, Freshwater RidgeFM Fusion2mVO1FRR
147.420 MHzSt. John'sFM EchoLink2mVO1UKZ
147.510 MHzLabrador CityFM2mVO2ET
147.570 MHzSt. John'sFM IRLP2mVO1EHC
147.965-0.6 MHzSt. AnthonyFM2mVO1STA
443.4+5 MHzCC5St. John's, Kenmount Hill (Rogers Site)DMR DSTAR70cmVO1UHF
444+5 MHzCC11Grand-Falls WindsorDMR70cmVO1GFR
444.4+5 MHzCorner BrookFM70cmVO1MO
444.6+5 MHzSt. John's, Shea Heights ( NTV Tower )FM70cmVO1NTV
444.975+5 MHzCarbonear, Freshwater RidgeFM70cmVO1FRR
447.125-5 MHzPlacentiaFM70cmVO1SEP
447.50 MHzShearstownFM IRLP70cmVO1EHC
1251.910 MHzSt. John'sDSTAR23cmVO1TZ

**Please contact me at qso@ve1xop.ca if you see a repeater that is no longer available or missing from the list.

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