Amateur Radio Digital Communications

Here are some helpful links to get you set-up for the various digital modes.

Need the software?


Fldigi: https://sourceforge.net/projects/fldigi/?source=directory

DigiPan: http://www.digipan.net

Slow Scan TV: http://hamsoft.ca/pages/mmsstv.php

ROS Weak Signal Software: https://rosmodem.wordpress.com


Digital Ham Radio Software: Flrig v1.3.28 or Fldigi v3.23.21 or

Resources for all Operating Systems

PSK Reporter Map: https://www.pskreporter.info/pskmap.html

Digital Mode Band Plan: http://www.ciarc.org/downloads/Digital_Mode_Band_Plan.pdf

WebSDR (Software Defined Radio | Listen Online): http://www.websdr.org

PSK Frequencies: USB MODE

160M  1.807 Mhz (USA) & 1.838 Mhz (Europe)

80M 3.580 Mhz

40M 7.070 Mhz (Global) & 7.040 Mhz (Europe) & 7.028 Mhz (Japan)

30M 10.138 Mhz – 10.142 Mhz

20M 14.070 Mhz

17M 18.100 Mhz

15M 21.070 Mhz

12M 24.920 Mhz

10M 28.120 Mhz

6M 50.290 (USA) & 50.250 (Europe)

ROS Digital Mode Video

Note to Reader

This is a new page and I will be updating it overtime. If there is something you’re seeking around the various digital modes, please let me know. Also I’ll be updating the site with some new videos, so you can gain a better taste of how this all works.

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